Virax Borghi: In the paper since 1906

Virax Borghi Italia was established as an individual company in 1906, as “Ditta Irmo Borghi”, a paper converting company based in Milan. In 1946 Irmo passed away and his son Ciro took over the activity. In 1972 Virax Borghi Italia was launched, briefly known as Virax, a name inspired by VIRAX brand, the heliographic paper sold by the company. The company has always operated within the paper converting market, specializing in processing papers and cardboards purchased from national and foreign paper mills. The paper industry is supported by an heliographic laboratory and a stationery shop, specialized in selling items for technical design.
Virax then began producing heliographic paper for the reproduction of technical drawings in various sectors (construction, mechanics, plant engineering in general).
In the 1950s, Ciro Borghi perceived the usefulness of introducing the heliographic system in the clothing industry: an innovation that allowed to obtain innumerable reproductions of the original drawing of a dress’ model: a really revolutionary idea for the sector. The first customer to embrace this innovation was the historic Italian textile company Marzotto. However, the cutting room in the clothing industry required a larger heliographic size than the one used in the technical design (160 cm for the cutting room, 120 for the technical drawing), that Ciro Borghi realized constructing a 2 meter coating machine, specially designed to produce heliographic paper for the cutting room of the clothing industry. Ciro Borghi, besides acting on the dimensions of the paper used, introduces other specific features: the use of a 55-gram support and a chemical formula that allows a faster reproduction, but with less contrast. All these innovative solutions by Virax also allowed significant production costs reductions. Ciro was a product researcher and innovator, a very active entrepreneur in the European market, where he was able to identify new products and he was the first to skillfully succeed in developping it in the Italian market.