The post-Covid recovery in China, the higher demand than the supply for some categories of product and the increase in transport costs were some of the factors that pushed prices upwards and caused a shortage of some raw materials.

These price increases come at the worst period for the main market of Virax Borghi Italia, the textile industry, hit by the collapse of the demand and closures caused by pandemic restrictions.

From November until now, to give some examples, recycled and pure cellulose papers have had an increase from 5 to 10%, the hotmelt adhesive used for thermal-adhesive papers by 30% and polyethylene, depending on the grade, 88% to 111%.

Virax Borghi Italia, seen the attention to the customer that identify it, has adopted and will adopt extraordinary measures to avoid interruptions related to the supply chain and will try to limit the prices increase.

Marta Ferri – Purchase office