COVER BIO: biodegradable mulch film

Today we want to introduce you to COVERBIO; a biodegradable mulch film produced with excellent results by our subsidiary Admiral in the Colonnella (TE) plant.

Below you will find some features of the COVERBIO that make it particularly useful compared to the classic plastic mulching films:

🌾 High environmental compatibility as completely biodegradable does not require to be taken off at the end of the cultures cycle, it can be left on the ground where it is biodegraded by microorganisms, saving time and resources.

🌳 Excellent mechanical properties despite the low thicknesses, the film has high resistance and toughness which make it applicable with normal automatic plastic film placing or transplanters.

🍀 Excellent field performance in weed control, agronomic yield and product quality.

It can be supplied in a wide range of thicknesses (from 10 to 18 µm), length and width, in black, white / black and with micro perforation and / or perforation.

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